Volume 1 No. 1

Editorial & Table of Contents

Masayuki Uemura

Play Tools and Technology

Game studies:

Michał Kłosiński

Games and Utopia

Luiz Adolfo Andrade, Marcello Medeiros

Towards a (Ludic) Resonant and Sensory Enviroment: Space, Music and Locative Gaming

David Melhart, Haryo Pambuko Jiwandono

The Infectious Aesthetic of Zombies: An Exploration of Zombie Narratives and Unit Operations of Zombies in Videogames

Silvia Slezáková

Pathological Gambling and Co-dependence


Zdenko Mago

The “Father” of the Nintendo Entertainment System in Slovakia for the First Time. Interview with Masayuki UEMURA


Juraj Malíček

Shadow of the Colossus

Róbert Halenár

Global Games : Production, Circulation and Policy in the Networked Era

Anna Hurajová

Becoming a Video Game Artist: From Portfolio Design to Landing the Job


  • Butterfly Effect, the new education program
  • Central and Eastern European Game Studies Conference Digital Games Life & Afterlife
  • UniCon

Volume 1 No. 2