Volume 4 No. 1

Volume 4 No. 2

Editorial & Table of Contents

Zdenko Mago

“Stagnation of Originality, but Opportunity for Meeting Generations

Game studies:

Dinko Jukić

Marketing Semiotics in Digital Games: Myth’s Analysis in The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain

Matteo Genovesi

I Passed Away, but I Can Live Again: The Narrative Contextualization of Death in Dead Cells and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Borivoje Baltezarević, Radoslav Baltezarević, Vesna Baltezarević, Piotr Kwiatek, Ivana Baltezarević

Stereotypical Negative Female Gender Roles in Digital Games

Indira Neill Hoch

Restoration, Reflection, and Nostalgia for the New in Yakuza Kiwami and Final Fantasy VII Remake

Dana Hodinková, Oľga Púchovská, Lucia Račkovičová

The Cosplay Phenomenon in Intentions of Art Marketing

Steven Dashiell

“Table Talk”: Defining Metadiscourse of Analog Games


Martina Kobetičová

Global Gam Jam: How Can Game Jams Benefit the Educational Process Interview with Tarja Porkka-Konturi


Mária Koscelníková

Immersion, Narrative and Gender Crisis in Survival Horror Video Games

Juraj Malíček

Free Guy: A Film Portrait of a DigitalGaming Presence

Juraj Kovalčík

Independent Videogames: Cultures, Networks, Techniques and Politics


Adam Kysler

Netflix Games: Streaming Giant Expands to Gaming

Miroslav Macák

“Sorry Guys, I Can’t Play with You Anymore”: Regulations of Online Gaming of Minors in China

Alexandra Kukumbergová

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: What the Recent Lawsuit against Activision Blizzard Tells Us about the State of the Industry


Priyanka Das

“Die Monster! You Don’t Belong in this World”: The Spectre of Genocide in Japanese Digital Games