ABSTRACT: The study defines the role of concept art in the process of creating big visual projects. It intends to fill the gap in the academic field and to describe the process of creating concept art from start to finish, considering its theoretical as well as practical outlines. The theoretical part of the text is based on various concepts and lines of thinking, including analysis and synthesis of the obtained knowledge, as well as comparison of differing scholarly opinions on the discussed topic. Concept art as an art phenomenon of the 21st century is one of the most respected creative activities in the visual entertainment industry. Creating concept art has become one of the best paid work specialisations within the various processes of artistic and media creation. The meaning of concept art lies in the creation of ‘blueprint’ images and designs, based on the given concept’s purpose. Concept art serves a whole team of creative individuals as a reference allowing for the further development of a creative project. It is mainly used in projects based on key visual features such as unique environments, characters, design and fantastic stories. Therefore, each individual part of the given complexity must be ‘brought to life’ by properly trained artists.

KEY WORDS: concept art, design, digital games, entertainment industry, fantasy, image.

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