Marián Kabát

Software localization is an integral part of a business process as long as a company wants to sell their software products on a global scale. The purpose of the following article is to provide information about some key features of the development and publishing process that have a significant impact on digital game localization from English into Slovak. The selected features are based on a study by M. Kabát on localization aspects of non-gaming software that are here adapted to digital game localization, and on the author’s practical experience. Each key feature is briefly introduced and its impact on digital game localization is described. Where necessary, examples are provided. Other than presenting key features of digital game localization, the intent behind this paper is to spread information on digital game localization as I believe that, e.g., developers should be more informed on this topic to create more effective cooperation with localizers and in that way higher quality localization.

development, digital games, English, localization, Slovak, variable.


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